Frequently Asked Questions 

CFO Services Your Way

What makes A6 different?

The services are not standardized, it is customized and tailored to the client’s needs. We adapt our offerings to the preferences or requirements of individual clients or situations, rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach.

What does a CFO do?
A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a financial leader, helping to steer the financial ship. Helping to manage the money matters, helping to make sure the company's finances are healthy and its financial strategy is on track. This involves things like budgeting and recommending ways to use money wisely to help the company grow. The people who make sure the company's financial engine runs smoothly, helping to make smart decisions about Return on Investments (ROI), spending, saving, and planning for today and the future.

Why do you need a CFO when you have a bookkeeper?
One of the greatest benefits a CFO brings is a higher level of financial strategy. While most other finance roles in your organization involve maintaining past financial records, a CFO is focused on the detailed short- and long-term strategy of your organization.

What is a ROI?
Return on Investment (ROI) is a way of measuring the profitability. It's like asking, "How much am I getting back for what I put in?" In business, ROI is often used to assess the success of financial decisions. A positive ROI means you've earned more than you spent, indicating a good investment, while a negative ROI suggests the investment didn't bring in enough return. A key metric for businesses to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their financial choices.

What does “on-retainer” mean?
A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on retainer is a strategic financial arrangement where a CFO is engaged on a recurring basis rather than as a full-time employee. This model allows companies to access high-level financial expertise, leadership, and strategic guidance through a contractual agreement. It offers several advantages, such as tailored involvement in financial strategy, risk management, and decision-making, providing flexibility and scalability to meet evolving business needs. This approach is particularly beneficial for smaller or growing businesses that do not require a full-time CFO but still need strategic financial guidance. Month-to-month agreements with no long-term commitments make it an adaptable solution. Engaging a CFO on retainer enhances financial management capabilities, optimizes financial performance, and supports informed decision-making, contributing to overall business success. Many entrepreneurs believe they must manage everything themselves, but relying on expert financial guidance can prevent potential setbacks.  

What does a “Fractional CFO” mean?
A Fractional CFO, also known as an Outsourced CFO or part-time CFO, is a financial professional who provides CFO services to a company on a part-time or temporary basis. Instead of hiring a full-time C-Suite level individual, a company may engage a Fractional CFO to access high-level financial expertise without the commitment and costs associated with an additional executive. It provides flexibility for businesses to engage financial expertise as needed, making it a cost-effective solution for companies at different stages of growth.

How is Human Resources connected to Finance?
Often times the human resources are overseen by the CFO. Therefore, A6 has the expertise you need.

Is a CFO only needed for large companies?
Whether it's a small business or a large corporation, a CFO is crucial for keeping the financial side of things in order.

Does A6 provide temporary services?
Although A6 does provide part-time on-retainer services or project work we are not a temporary agency. 

Do I need to sign a long-term contract or commitment?
No way! Most of our services are month-to-month or project based.

Why is the SWOT method recommended?
An external SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) method review conducted by an external party brings valuable perspectives to a business. By leveraging an unbiased viewpoint, it provides an objective examination of the external factors affecting the organization. Our A6 team will bring industry expertise, market insights, and a fresh set of eyes to identify opportunities and threats that might be overlooked internally. This external perspective enhances the strategic planning process, enabling the business to make informed decisions and adapt to its environment more effectively. In addition to providing an objective analysis, a SWOT method review can uncover irregularities or hidden challenges that may not be immediately apparent to internal stakeholders. A6 will identify operational inefficiencies, compliance issues, or potential risks that might go unnoticed within the organization. This helps the business proactively address and rectify these issues, promoting a more robust and compliant operational framework. The external perspective adds a layer of scrutiny that cannot be seen internally.

Can A6 provide training?
Yes, in fact we also provide train-the-trainer programs for those that wish to train their own team but need extra help pulling together and presenting the material in a meaningful way.

How much will these services cost?
This answer depends on the scope of work. Most clients have a specialized and individualized arrangement. Schedule a consultation today.

Can you help us hire a full time CFO if and when the time comes?
We sure can! It is not unheard of for our clients to have grown a great deal during our relationship with them, we will stay with you until we help you find a permanent placement.

What industry does A6 Specialize in?
We are industry agnostic. We have a wide range of diverse expertise that specialize across the industry spectrum within the for profits and not-for-profits sectors.

What if I want a service that is not listed on the Website?
Let's talk, if we cannot help you, we can refer you to someone that can.